Ensure your home has one easy to use system controlling – lighting, sockets, heating\cooling\ventilation, blinds, AV, Visualisation \ Voice & Remote Control, Monitors & Alarms, all these systems at the touch of a button, on your phone/tablet, or fully automated.

As you leave your home you can press one button to turn off the lights, close the blinds, drop down the heating and turn off non-essential power. Or let your house simulate presence using minimal power open and close blinds and turn on strategic lights so no one knows you’re gone. KNX allows you to do anything and we have a brief outline of the main systems controlled below however if you do not find what you’re looking for just get in touch and we will advise and guide you.



Take control of any type of lighting. Control switching and dimming of individual circuits, scenes of multiple light settings, fully automatic, or a simple switch beside the bed to make sure all the lights are off. Light up your house with what works for you.


Why not have your home tell you when essential power outlets like the freezer loose power.

Save energy by ensuring non-essential item are switched off at night from the push of one button which can also control lights, blind security etc…

Heating \ Cooling \ Ventilation

Define your perfect temperature in every room. Efficiently alter your heating, cooling and ventilation for the cosiest environment.


Greet the morning with soothing sunlight as blind and shutter automatically open. Use a control pad or app to set scenes, automate activity and operate individual blinds

Audio \ Video

Inbuilt multimedia help you stream shows, movies, and more, to any room in the house, letting you sit back and enjoy

Visualisation \ Voice & Remote Control

Operate everything from your phone. Want to dim the lights while comfy in bed? Need to turn on the heating on the way home after a long day? Easily control everything at the touch of a button

Monitors & Alarms

Sensors assist in monitoring your whole home. Observe energy usage, CO2 levels, security alarms and even adjust climate control depending on if the windows open.

Collection & Use of Personal Information

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