KNX is an approved standard by the following organisations;

KNX Standards

Guaranteed Interoperability through neutral certification, KNX is the only home and building control standard running global certification schemes for

Global certification

Product compliance is checked at neutral third-party test laboratories

Guaranteed interoperability

KNX = High product quality

High Product Quality

KNX is decentralised and reliable. Each device in the KNX system communicates to other devices through Groups Addresses and Device Object associations. This makes the KNX system decentralised and does not reliant on any particular central intelligent processing unit to operate normally. This improves reliability as a network failure will only affect the failed devices and not cause the whole system to fail or stop working.


Only one PC Software tool, Engineering Tool Software (ETS), needed for Design, Configuration and Diagnostics of all certified products


Software tool

ETS is manufacturer, devices and application independent, meaning you can combine products of different manufacturers and applications in one installation

Customised AppsETS is extendable with customised Apps

Fit for use in ALL applications in home and building control

All Applications

Fit for use in all kinds of buildings;

New or Existing Buildings, family homes or large size buildings, easy extendible/adaptable to new needs

Types of buildings

Support for different transmission media

Communication Media

Easy coupling to other systems. KNX members offer an extensive variety of gateways to couple to other systems

Coupling to other systems

KNX is independent from any hard- or software technology so KNX manufacturers can develop own protocol solution. KNX is completely FREE of additional royalty fees: No IPR royalties to be paid for KNX standard features used in KNX certified products to other KNX members



With KNX you don’t stand on your own. It is a global organization with more than 30 years of experience and a broad network of people who have embraced the technology.

KNX Organisation


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