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What is KNX

KNX is a building automation system that was developed to allow products from various manufacturers to work seamlessly together. The system operates on a standardised bus cable with a common language, allowing different products to work together.

For full details of the technology and system please see our Technology Page

So why KNX? There are several bus technologies on the market

Well, no other bus system is supported by as many different manufacturers as KNX and the KNX bus is a decentralised structure which does not require a central control unit. Every device has its own microprocessor. If there are any failed device the others in the bus continue to function. The bus can be modified and added to exactly as required.

KNX is open protocol. It ensures seamless upgrade capabilities and future compatibility with next-generation devices utilising KNX Technology

What is an open protocol system and why should I make sure my system meets it?

Systems include a variety of different components, all of which communicate with each other. The language that these devices use to communicate is called a ‘protocol’ – and this is what can be ‘open’ or ‘closed’. Open protocol systems offer customers a greater degree of flexibility, and this is one of the main benefits. As a result, customers can choose from a variety of different suppliers, allowing them to install components which are completely suited to their specific circumstances.

Other factors such as repairs and upgrades can be completed by virtually any trained engineer, which allows customers to take advantage of an open market and choose An engineer who offers the most value for money or expertise. Another advantage to open protocol is that the co-operation between different companies almost guarantees that a component is well tested and reliable.

Don’t fall into the trap of a closed protocol system where you are completely reliant on one company.

Are there any limitations?

The only limitation to what you can achieve is your budget and your imagination.

How can I make sure the system won’t get hacked?

This is understandably a big concern for many clients.

To determine if a device or system is secure, look for security measures like AES 128-bit encryption, Transport Layer Security, https access, and encryption.

Remember if you can’t find any information at all about security, then it’s probably insecure and easily hackable.

KNX is the first intelligent building technology to meet the highest security requirements according to the encryption standard AES-128

Why choose Intelect?

Our experience, service and standing within the industry is second to none.

Intelect’s founding partner has over 20 years’ experience with the technology and worked on and managed some of the largest projects in Ireland and the UK. He was one of the founding members of the KNX Association in Ireland and was an integral part of the steering committee which formed the association. He is also the current secretary for the association.

Check out our ratings on the independent KNX Association partner rankings

We listen to your needs and recommend and install the right system that puts it all together for you.

Other questions?

Do you have other questions? If so, feel free to reach out in our contact form or through social media. We are always available and willing to answer questions.

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