The smart home market is constantly changing and technology is improving fast. However, the latest technologies, such as internet of things (IoT), are already part of our solutions. We don’t wait for new ideas, we come up with them.

With Intelect and KNX you are guaranteed;

An integrated solution

You can use different products from different manufacturers. You are not stuck with one company. KNX can even be coupled to other systems and is independent from any hard or software technology.

KNX is the only internationally recognised standard for smart home technology and the only system that complies with the requirements of the European (EN50090) and the International (ISO/IEC14543) standards for Home Automation, because of this you are guaranteed it is future proofed.

Endless flexibility and personalisation

With KNX you can now say ‘yes’ to any request. Endless flexibility and personalisation in the setup of your automation project is no longer a dream. It’s real. It’s KNX. You can let a broad range of devices communicate with each other, even if they are from different manufacturers. KNX can even be integrated together with other automation systems

In that way, the choice which products you want to use is yours or your clients. No limits, only possibilities. KNX is your all-in-one solution for every automation challenge.

A safe and secure system

Security is always essential and the safety demands for systems are continuing to increase. Intelect are committed at being compliant with the highest security requirements in the market which is one of the reasons we use KNX.

With KNX you can be rest assured of a secure installation process. It is the first smart home and building technology to meet the highest security requirements according to the encryption standard AES-128.

Energy efficiency

Energy management using KNX allows a system to supply uninterrupted energy according to the needs of users at any given time. This same system can also decide what is the best thing to do with the energy in the home starting from its generation through to whether it should be consumed or stored, according to the key parameters of being efficient and preferring energy from renewable sources.

  • KNX has a lot of experience in energy management applications. For instance:
  • KNX can control heating production, as well as monitor air-conditioning and heat pumps units.
  • KNX provides individual room control of cooling or heating
  • In recent years, the KNX system has been able to connect to metering and submetering, providing data for specific parts of the installation up to the overall energy consumption of the system.
  • For load management, KNX can ensure that the level of the load stays between given limits.
  • Energy storage monitoring with bi-directional information flow to/from KNX.
  • Connecting charging stations to KNX to indicate if the charging station is occupied or free, display the charging progress, set charging limits in terms of time or power, report errors, and communicate securely thanks to KNX Secure technology.
  • Stabilisation of the smart grid. KNX can help the grid to be smart when it cannot meet the energy demands of connected homes.

Money savings

As KNX offers substantial energy efficiency this obviously has cost saving implications for your ongoing energy costs.

In summary, KNX allows the following energy savings to be made:

  • up to 60% with KNX Lighting control
  • up to 50% with KNX single room control
  • up to 40% with KNX Shutter control
  • up to 60% with KNX Ventilation control

With KNX you can also substantially decrease your maintenance costs


An international community

With KNX you don’t stand on your own. You become part of a big community where you can get in touch with manufacturers and installers (integrators) to discuss the use of the technology but also choose from over a hundred thousand qualified integrators with over 8,000 products.

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