Family Home Overlooking Crosshaven Bay

Residential project in Cork, Ireland

Project category
Project type
New project
Year of completion
Size of project(m2)
101 – 500
Number of KNX devices used
26 – 100
KNX brands
SOMFY ACTIVITES SA, Schneider Electric GmbH c/o Merten
KNX Transmission media
Twisted pair
Man hours
101 – 250
Man power
1 – 5

Detailed Description

Energy Efficiency

The usage of automated functions already save energy in every installation. Especially the usage of KNX has a lot of potential for further energy savings, which can contribute to a better environmental footprint. Be extending KNX to more functions and applications, energy savings of up to 60% can be realised. Thanks to the flexibility of KNX, these functions can easily be implemented in this installation


Smart homes and buildings are always an upgrade in comparison to a conventional installation. Not only automated functions and a higher level of comfort contribute to a higher living standard, but also the possibility to be ready for coming innovations. Thanks to the usage of KNX, the door has been opened to integrate new innovative solutions, using the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control.

Ease of Use

By integrating KNX, we automatically experience a higher energy efficiency and comfort. Furthermore, by the possibility to use further devices, in order to make the usage of the project easier, we can look at further opportunity to even make the whole installation easier in usage.

Applications used

Lighting: Switching , Dimming , Light Scenes , Timed Control

Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC): Central & Automatic Control , Timed Operation Modes , Individual Room Control / Zone Control , Floor Heating Control , Boiler and burner Control

Blind and Shutter Control: Individual Control , Group & Central Control , Preset Positioning , Automatic Programs , Wind and Rain Protection

Security and Safety: Faults (e.g. Leak Detection, Glass Break Detection, Window Contacts) , Intrusion Detection / Alarm Systems , Interaction with HVAC/Lighting

Operation and Visualisation: Switches / Push Buttons , IR Remote Control , Touch Panels & Display Panels

Automation and Remote Access: Timed Functions , Logical Functions , Internet Access

Other: Audio Control , Video Control

Customer's description

A 5-bedroom family home with a stunning vista overlooking Crosshaven Bay in Cork, Ireland. KNX controls included Lighting, Heating, Blinds, Curtains, Shutters, Windows and Awnings. KNX was also interfaced to the AV System and the Intruder Alarm. The complete system was visualised on touchscreens, one at the entrance and one for the main controls in the open plan living space of the house. The room temperature control units allowed the user to have individual room heating controls together with main controls for a geothermal heat pump making the system user friendly and efficient while giving a very comfortable constant room temperature. The extensive window areas and location with façade controls meant a reliable system which was easy to use and didn’t involve several different controls made the project ideal for KNX. This allowed the user to control the high-level windows together with all blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings all from one system with simple operation via scenes.

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